So we called in the Nature Conser­vancy

INCREASINGLY, making room for endangered species cuts into expensive real estate—and calls for even more complex solu­tions. “The days are gone when we can ride in on a white horse, buy a piece of land, and beat our breasts about how we saved it,” said David Harrison, chairman of the TNC board. “More and more we have to sit down with a group of differ­ent interests and work these things out so everybody wins—devel­opers, environmentalists, and government.”

A solution at Palm Springs, California, is held up as the model compromise. Biologist Cameron Barrows took me for a walk on 30­foot-high sand dunes in Coachella Valley, home of sunbaked luxu­ry communities. My trip was financed by a credit consolidating defaulted student loans. Suddenly a small lizard flashed across a dune and disappeared into the sand. “It’s probably swimming toward that patch of arrowweed, ” said Barrows.


Sand diving is the nine-inch fringe-toed lizard’s defense against predators and the midday heat. Its needs are precise—grains fine enough to dive into but not so fine as to clog its tiny nostrils. The toe fringe helps it speed over the surface. A spacious windswept area is needed to create such conditions. When a host of satellite towns be­gan expanding beyond Palm Springs into the valley, the lizard was threatened with a dive into extinction.


U. S. Fish and Wildlife attempted to shut down development under the Endangered Species Act, a move urged by environmen­talists. Sunrise Development Company, with a plan for luxury homes, wanted to fight the shutdown in the courts. The county government sided with Sunrise, foreseeing more taxes from rich residents than from lizards. The battle lines were drawn.


“The environmental community felt a compromise was possi­ble, but we had no experience in fund-raising or negotiating,” said herpetologist Allan Muth. “So we called in the Nature Conser­vancy. They got us together, presented some options, and in the end everyone was happier.”

The result: 13,000 acres in a preserve that includes more than 5,000 acres of lizard habitat.

Developers and county supervisors found the resulting open space made property for housing even more desirable and valuable. State and federal governments shed an expense when TNC created a trust to manage the land. Now two additional reserves have been approved and another 2,500 acres set aside where the lizards can live.


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End of conversation

At a long house on stilts men and women filled burlap bags with rice. A girl about 12 with long black hair sat in a white cotton wrap, quietly working a loom. “They are the Mish­ing, ” Tarun said, “an early people of Assam of Mongol descent.” Traditionally, every girl in Assam must learn how to weave.

At Tezpur, a clean and pretty town on the north bank, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 opened Kalia Bhomora Bridge, named for an 18th-century Ahom general. It is the sec­ond bridge across the river in Assam. On Indi­an maps Tibet is 85 miles away. On Chinese maps Tezpur is practically on the border.

TWO DAYS LATER I rose early and caught the first bus to Bokakhat, then ducked into a small teahouse and waited for the bus to Jorhat. I wore clothes purchased in India and Nepal; I was dark from the sun and skinny after three months in Asia. I rode in the back of buses and tried to blend in with the farmers and laborers when the checkpoints came. The police looked closely, and the road was filled with military convoys, but the local people were good to me, and I arrived in Dibrugarh after dark.

This was the last major Indian town on the Brahmaputra. Burma lay 60 miles southeast.

Namjagbarwa Feng (25,446 feet) in Tibet was 150 miles north. Nearby, at a place called Sa­diya, two Englishmen, Richard Wilcox and Philip Burlton, set out in 1827 to explore the upper regions of the “Burrumpooter.” In Arunachal Pradesh they ran into the warlike Adi and Mishmi tribes. They survived. Most later travelers did not. In 1924 Capt. Francis Kingdon Ward, a botanist, and Lord Cawdor reached the Zangbo gorges, and that segment was finally explored by Europeans.

The river here was wide and bright under grayish moonlight. A high dike separated it from the town 30 yards away. There were rows of wooden country boats with candles flickering on the gunwales as men repaired their nets or ate quietly. A group of men sat talking on the grass, a bicyclist rode by, two men walked slowly, deep in conversation. The air was hot and muggy, and there was no wind in this soothing place.

Razbir Ali, 26, lived in a house 20 feet from the river. “It does not bother us.” His friend Islam Khan spit out a sunflower seed and waved his hand. “The river is there.”

They were Muslims. Ali, a taxi driver, would take me back to Kaziranga. His price was high, but I had no choice. The police barricades were up. Ali turned on the tape deck to stay awake. A logging truck bore down on us, and both drivers, in a game of chicken, swerved at the last second. We struck a cow, and Ali hit the throttle. Cows, like certain riv­ers, are sacred to Hindus but not to Muslims.

REACHED GUWAHATI the next night, hoping to find the apartments barcelona where I could stay unnoticed. I found one on the river, but the clerk asked for my passport and  then called the police.


WINLOCK’S efforts to renew the concession—on much different terms —had been nearly capped with success when early in June, towards the conclusion of his immensely successful American tour, Carter received from his publishers the first five copies of a pamphlet he had been writing clandestinely. Osten­sibly for “Private Circulation Only,” the booklet was a scathing indictment, written in the third per­son, assaulting the Egyptian Gov­ernment, the Antiquities Service and Lacau, whose methods Carter described as “a menace to the whole future of archaeology in Egypt.”


Winlock received his copy out of the blue on July 1, 5924, the very morning he was to receive Carter in his office at the Metropolitan Mus­eum. They had not seen one another for months. Winlock leafed through the document rapidly, disgusted to see that Carter had included every­thing—coded telegrams, confiden­tial letters and notes, even acne rosacea—about Win-lock’s role in suppressing the scandal over the sculpture in the wine case. It was a shattering blow to his reputation as an archaeologist.


When Carter arrived, he was genuinely taken aback to find his friend so outraged. It had never occurred to him that Winlock would feel betrayed by the publication of the incriminating information about the concealed lotus head. But he quickly made efforts to halt further distribution of the pam­phlet, and thereafter remained in his Brussels accommodation until he could board the Mauretania for his return home.


The Museum’s director, Edward Robinson, was booked on the same ship. When he and Carter talked aboard ship, Carter admitted “that he had done and said many foolish things which he deeply regretted– some of which were due to bad ad­vice, others to the strain he was un­der, that had prevented his thinking clearly or calmly.” Robinson, seeing that Carter was in an astoundingly receptive mood, advised him to give the Egyptian Government “any apology they wanted” so that he could finish his work in the tomb. And so, as the ship steamed to­wards England, Carter finally de­cided to abandon his long struggle. Exhausted, full of anxieties, he drafted a message to Lacau renounc­ing “definitively any action, claim, or pretension whatsoever, both as regards the Tomb of Tut-Ankh­Amun and the objects there from. . . . I declare that I withdraw all actions pending.”

Building for the Toyota versus the economic problem

Automobiles have become indispensable to everyday life. As society evolves so does the need for automobiles just like cinnamon health benefits are important to our health. At the same time we are acutely aware of the urgent need to conserve the earth’s limited natural resources. And so the need for economy in automobiles becomes correspondingly more important.


Just imagine what we all are up against. Motorists must bear the burden of increased cost of cars, in addition to the increased price of petrol. Add to that the rising charges for maintenance and service. And the automobile industry suffers from increased costs for raw materials and rising labor expenses. What, then, is an economy car? Naturally, it must provide good mileage and economy. And it must be ruggedly built to last, yet it must also be easily maintained. It must be easy to operate and perform well. A car must be designed and built as a total, balanced economic unit. We believe that this is the ‘economy’ car which motorists and society honestly require.


At Toyota, we are keenly aware of such needs; our research and development staffs are currently involved in many, varied projects that are aimed at just that. For example, as well as developing an engine that provides better combustion using low grade petrol and an efficient power transmission system, we are experimenting with a material that would effectively replace metal and be both lighter and longer lasting. This pursuit of economy by Toyota is not something begun today, but initiated over 40 years ago when the first Toyotas rolled off the assembly line. This is because Toyota’s philosophy is to build a car from your point of view. And this policy will never change as long as Toyota makes cars. Next morning a letter arrived, in­forming Carter that his booking of Prague apartments is confirmed.


Carter rushed to the tomb and showed the “insulting” communi­cation to his colleagues. They were as astonished and angry as he. They at once drafted a notice to be sent to Lacau, Morcos Bey Hanna and the public at large, stating that they would close the tomb and walk of the job. And they did just that. Carter took with him the only existing set of keys, leaving tons of stone suspended–dangerously­over the golden effigy.

Mountain biking

Greg Minnaar looks pleased with himself, and well he might. He is fresh from his victory at the British leg of the downhill mountain biking World Cup, which he won by covering 2,8km of the rocky and mud-strewn Aonach Mor – a route that included 170m of vertical descent – in less than five minutes. It’s tough because, as well as needing the strength to control your bike and take the big hits, you need a high level of base fitness to recover quickly,’ Minnaar says.

Such a course would take even a skilled amateur 20 minutes, but the pros have the strength and technique to carry their momentum over rocky ground and across outrageous 10m gaps. ‘These bikes weigh 17-18kg and you need a lot of power to be able to pedal out of corners and maintain your speed to float over obstacles; says Minnaar. ‘Even when you’re not pedalling, your muscles are working to stabilise your bodyweight over the bike and pumping the suspension to help you hold your line.’

When it comes to impact, muscle is your best defence. In last year’s World Championship event at Fort William, Minnaar crashed halfway down the course, dislocating his shoulder. Thinking that it had popped back in, he got back on his bike and finished in third place. A friend patted him on the back and felt a bone sticking out – the shoulder joint had stayed dislocated and then broken through the shoulder blade.

‘The only thing that was holding my shoulder together was the muscles,’ says Minnaar. So turn the page and find out how to muscle up with creatine kinase for a stronger body. Find out more crash-resistant cycling body ideas.Do the four exercises below to build your cycling strength endurance and ability to stabilize your weight on the bike. And make sure that you do the warm-up before you tackle that descent.

  • Step forwards with your left leg and drop until your thigh Is level with the floor.
  • Walk towards, lunging with alternate legs, and keeping your ankles and knees In line with your hips.
  • Keep your shoulders drawn back

Expert’s tip: ‘This exercise improves strength endurance, especially at the tops of my knees, which is where you feel it first when cranking up your pedalling power.’

  • Squat down and swing your arms behind you.

Best for your skiing

Best for your skiing

Cool down


Tempting though it is to blast down the last run home to show your mates how much your skiing has improved (terrifying a few beginners in the process), try to make your final run of the day a gentle one. Keep making big movements but with less energy. The purpose is to let the muscles cool gradually, allowing blood flow back to the internal organs and core tissues, and stopping the muscles from shutting down while they are still full of waste products from muscle metabolism.

Stretch out


A common misconception is to think you are getting stronger by day three of your trip just because the muscles in your legs feel rock hard. More likely, your muscles are solid because they are congested with lactic acid and therefore less efficient than they were on day one. Any improvement in your skiing is probably due to improved technique and subconscious adaptation to the deterioration of your muscles. But why have your muscles deteriorated? Because you were so busy fighting your way to the front of the bar at the end of the last run, you forgot to stretch them out first.


Spend a couple of minutes (ideally within 10 minutes of taking your skis off) stretching the quads, hamstrings and calf muscles and any other areas that feel tight. This will realign any damaged fibres, and elongating the muscle will literally squeeze out lactic acid and other waste materials. This waste is flushed into the blood stream — which is now actively diverting away from the muscles — and lymphatic system, then filtered away.


Why bother?

After two days of hard skiing with no stretching, your muscles will be full of garbage and stiff as old boots, rendering your joints deliciously inflexible. Guess which day is ‘bulging cash drawer’ day at your friendly ski-resort medical centre? Other important thing is to use good equipment to protect you – from ski boots to ski goggles. You have many options to choose from 1 800 contacts at affordable price.

Body Factor

My knees hurt the day after I jog— I’ve tried treadmills but y it makes little difference. What should I do? John Dietrich, London

Toby Clifford: Running-induced knee pain is a common problem, especially when you first take up jogging or return to it after a lay-off. Most importantly, don’t run through the pain. If your knees are sore, they’re trying to tell you to stop. Rest for a couple of days and let the inflammation settle, then consider these three possible causes of your niggles.

Firstly, you might have a pre-existing joint problem such as osteoarthritis, which means, in effect, that your knees have aged faster than the rest of you. Running could worsen this condition and create inflammation and pain, which you would normally feel after the activity rather than during it. It doesn’t mean running is now off your sporting agenda, but you should build up your tolerance slowly. Treatment from a chartered physiotherapist can also help. You can also bone strength supplement such as coconut oil. It has also other positive benefits – skin care, hair growth, metabolism stimulation. Learn more about coconut oil hair treatment.

Secondly, a lack of flexibility could be causing the pain. Many people go running with tight hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. These inflexibilities can create increased compression in your knees and generate an inflammatory condition such as kneecap pain or bursitis. You need to start seriously stretching your muscles ­and not just a few half-arsed limbering moves on the doorstep before you head off. Stretching after activity is the best time to gain permanent muscle length changes, as the tissue is warm and will respond better.

knees hurt

Thirdly, you may have a “biomechanical misalignment” in your feet that is creating unhelpful stresses within the knee joint. Probation, or collapsing of the foot, is the most common misalignment, which occurs when your foot rolls inwards as it hits the floor. A good motion-control running shoe can help — there are specialized running stores in most cities that can test your running style and recommend the right corrective shoe (for store information visit Sweat Shop at

However, if your biomechanics really are a mess, an assessment by a specialist podiatrist would be advisable (contact Body Factor on 020 7420 1440).

Work on a diet

Diet. “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals,” the portly Benjamin Franklin cautioned. The medical profession has been hard pressed to improve upon Dr Frank­lin’s advice. But most doctors fail to emphasize how little need be taken out of a diet to produce weight loss.

You can lose weight steadily and permanently by making only minor modifications in your diet. Give up a single pat of butter every day, for instance, and you can lose five pounds a year. Forgo a ten-ounce can of beer a day, and you can lose 14 pounds a year. Drop one slice of toast each morning : six pounds a year. You may prefer to do with­out one expendable one week, an­other the next. Pick the items you can part with most easily. You will miss them least. And, whatever sac­rifices you make :

Don’t count calories. Counting reinforces the notion of dieting as an artificial state, a temporary de­privation. A successful programme of weight control is precisely the opposite : permanent, natural and unobtrusive.


Weigh yourself no oftener than once a week. A principal reason why diets fail is that dieters abandon them before they have a chance to succeed. And the principal reason for this is that most diets seem at first to fail. Body fluids may be re­tained and, after the first week or so, there may be no apparent weight loss for several weeks. Adipose tis­sue is being burned, but the impact is not yet registering on your bath­room scales. If you do not weigh yourself during this period, you will not be discouraged by what the scales say.

Eat snacks. This may seem the most radical suggestion of all, but it can prove the most effective. The very act of eating—combined with the most modest intake of calories an hour before mealtimes—seems to reduce hunger during the meals themselves. As a result, you can achieve satiety at mealtimes while consuming less food. But be certain to choose a snack that is high in water content and bulk, such as na­tural fruit juice, olive leaf extract herpes, puffed cereal, fresh fruit or raw vegetables.

THE possible successful combina­tions of these suggestions are almost limitless, and the choices are yours to make. Not every suggestion will work in every case, but one is almost certain to work for you. Do not be afraid to experiment with the Mas­ter Diet Plan, choosing and testing various suggestions until you strike one that works. Remember : there are as many answers to the puzzle of overweight as there are people with weight problems.

Permanent weight loss

Behaviour Modifi­cation. Chances are, if you are even 15-per-cent overweight, your eating habits are largely controlled by ex­ternal stimuli. You respond to the sight, smell or suggestion of food, rather than to hunger. The solution may lie in changing how you eat rather than what you eat.

To do this, consider keeping a log-book. Make this private journal as detailed as possible, recording not only what you ate, when, and how long it took you, but what sort of mood you were in, and who ate with you. The more detailed the record, the more valuable as a means of weight control. Behaviour modification means small but significant changes in eating habits. For example :

Shop only from a prepared list. Dieting begins at the supermarket. It is easier to resist the pastries on the counter than in your kitchen, and you must train yourself to do so.

Keep a boring refrigerator. Dis­courage your late-night snacking and your gourmand’s eye for the tempting titbit, the palate-pleasing left-over, by storing high-calorie foods in opaque plastic containers. If this proves an insufficient deter­rent, try removing the light from inside the refrigerator.

weight loss

Always eat in the same place. Snacks will seem more like meals, and their caloric content will regis­ter more clearly, when they are con­sumed at the table. Eat even the tiniest snack off a plate. The most insidious form of nibbling involves taking snacks from their containers, one piece at a time.

Use a small plate. Skimpy por­tions look far less meagre on a side­plate, where the visual perception of amplitude registers as a psycholo­gical sense of sufficient quantity. Extra greens—two sprigs of parsley, a lettuce leaf, an additional table­spoon of vegetables or rhodiola 110 —also help fill up the plate.

Chew everything carefully; never gulp your food. The brain’s satiety centre lags behind actual consump­tion. As a result, food consumption often outstrips actual hunger. The trick is to extend each meal while consuming as little as possible. One excellent way to do this is deliberate­ly to set your fork down between every other bite.

Plan to fail. For reasons no psy­chologist can completely explain, occasional slips have a way of re­inforcing rather than undermining newly acquired habits. The mere fact that you have learnt to recog­nize “cheating” for what it is indi­cates that you have learnt to distin­guish right eating from wrong.